Our Core Values

Core values and ethics at Berry Talbot Royer
Image by John Orcutt


Berry Talbot Royer exists to help our clients and team members achieve their goals, and in doing so, increase their value.


Within the next five years we will solidify our position as one of Maine’s premier public accounting firms, measured by the complete satisfaction of our customers and employees. We will achieve this vision by focusing on outstanding service to our customers and the creation of a rewarding and respectful work place for our employees.

Core Values

  • We are fanatical about quality and customer serviceBTR Core Values
  • We are committed to serving our clients through responsive, timely and innovative ideas
  • We have a philosophy of empowerment
  • We don’t compromise on integrity
  • We seek to constantly and measurably improve
  • We believe in community involvement
  • Life is too short – We want to have fun!
  • Being profitable allows us to do more
  • We believe in the team and cheer the team onward and upward
  • We are sincere in our thoughts and actions

How Statements

  • We listen to and anticipate our clients’ and team members’ needs
  • We respond to our clients and team members in a proactive and timely manner
  • We deliver an exceptional level of customer service that fosters long-term client relationships
  • We value the relentless dedication of our team
  • We will recognize individual contribution and support personal growth
  • We will maintain a stimulating workplace characterized by integrity, teamwork and open communication