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Individuals-web.jpgThe CEO of an IT equipment company had been working with a larger accounting firm, but grew dissatisfied because he felt that the firm wasn’t particularly focused on or concerned with his company’s needs.  While exploring his options with other firms in downtown Portland, one of his customers recommended Berry Talbot Royer. He considered the recommendation and made an appointment with us to assess how we compared with the other firms. 

The company is an S corporation and the CEO is its sole shareholder.  So, as part of our preparation for his visit, we requested copies of the prior year corporate return and the CEO’s individual return so that we could run them through our quality review process.  Our review turned up a number of errors, including a significant business deduction that had not been considered.  During our meeting, we informed him that amending his corporate and individual tax returns would result in additional refunds of almost $3,000!

After some consideration, the CEO chose us.  He felt that not only did we demonstrate great skill, but that our diligent preparation for a simple interview was an indication of how hard we’d work for him in the future.  He understood that quality expertise and service is a result of hard work, thorough preparation, and a dedication to making sure the client’s every concern is addressed.

With Berry Talbot Royer, you never have to worry if you or your company are missing a tax-saving or income-growing opportunity. With our size and skill, we are able to serve our client’ needs, including meticulous review of every detail of your tax papers. This is why we say that we are “Big enough to serve, small enough to care”!

At Berry Talbot Royer, we are proud to deliver quality expertise and service to every client.

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