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Identity Theft

Identity Theft & Cyber Security 
Protect Your Data. Assess Your Risk.

“Identity Theft”… You have heard this term numerous times, but do you really know what getting your identity stolen entails?

 Did you know that it takes 600 hours and thousands of dollars to restore your identity online and in official records after a theft has taken place? Every two seconds, another American becomes victim of identity fraud. Unfortunately, the number of identity theft occurrences is expected to consistently increase every year as the techniques to gather your information get more complex and sophisticated.

 Thousands of taxpayers are victimized by a fast-growing form of identity theft in which stolen personal information is used to file fraudulent tax returns. Accounting firms worldwide are being targeted due to the fact they possess large quantities of sensitive information, such as social security numbers, dates of birth, etc.

What we do at Berry Talbot Royer

As part of our ongoing efforts to vigorously protect your confidential information, Berry Talbot Royer is implementing an ISO 27002:2013 based information security program, in consultation with one of the foremost IT security consultants in the country. Steps like this are but one example of how vital it is to have the utmost trust of our clients.  Knowing that your information is secure is another way that Berry Talbot Royer is “Big enough to serve, small enough to care”.

What is your accounting firm doing to protect YOU? 

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