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Mid-Year Tax Check-In



Last year's tax season may seem like it is just behind us, but the 2017 tax year is already halfway over! Did you know a mid-year assessment can influence your tax outcome? If you’d like to minimize your tax liability and the effort involved with tax filing, let out knowledgeable accountants conduct a review today.

Here’s how we can help keep your finances on track:

  • Implement tax-saving adjustments for major life changes
  • Organize expenses and deductions for easier itemization down the road
  • Fine-tune your withholding rate to minimize your tax liability
  • Plan for capital gains tax payment to avoid IRS penalties

Get peace of mind that your fiscal health is intact heading into the second half of the year. Call 207-781-3445 to schedule your mid-year review today. For more information on all the accounting service we provide, including financial planning and tax preparation for individuals and business, visit here.

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