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BTR Delivers Real-World, Hands-On Experience

Berry Talbot Royer's internship program is an integral part of our practice. Our tax internship program runs from November through the end of tax season in April. Our audit internship program runs from January through October. As a tax intern at BTR, you will gain immediate experience with individual tax returns, tax laws, and both the private and public sectors of the business world. As an audit intern, you will receive in-depth training in all phases of a risk-based audit and hands-on experience in performing audit procedures.

Berry Talbot Royer is looking for curious and talented college students majoring in accounting to join our internship program. If you are in your third year or higher, please email Mike Royer, CPA at to apply. 

For more information, consult our 2015 Intern Packet, Tax Intern Job Description and Audit Intern Job Description

What Our Interns Are Saying:

“This past tax season I had the opportunity to work for Berry Talbot Royer (BTR) as an intern…scratch that... I got to work for Berry Talbot Royer as a full-time tax employee. Though my label was an intern, it was so much more than that. If I had to sum up my experience in one simple phrase, I would say it was full of knowledge. There wasn’t a single day that I didn’t learn something (most of the time, there was much more than one thing that I learned). The staff at BTR is not only supportive, welcoming, and intelligent, but they also hold their interns to a higher standard that most (if not all) other internships. I was not handed “busy work” or sent to the photocopier every day. I never cleaned the bathroom toilet or got asked to make a coffee run. I handled real tax returns for real people. I communicated with clients and filed returns myself rather than spending hours on a return only to give someone else the credit. I used all of the same systems and programs that their full-time employees use. But most importantly, I had an outstanding internship that was full of knowledge, participation, and fun. **PS: If you’re big into perks and benefits, BTR offers free massages, snacks, and coffee all tax season. They also host several games throughout the season where you have a chance to win some extra cash! The perks are nice, but the learning experience is definitely better.”

“I consider myself very fortunate to have been a part of the 2017-2018 tax season internship at Berry Talbot Royer. I could not have asked for a more valuable and enjoyable experience. As my third internship experience, this one has by far exceeded my expectations in all aspects, including professionalism, expertise/quality of staff, management practices, company culture, etc. BTR has truly fulfilled their vision of being a firm that provides exceptional quality and customer service, while fostering a cooperative and collaborative work environment. This program provides real-world, hands-on experience that is extremely useful and practical in the Accounting profession...I would also like to comment on the impressive quality of management and leaders at BTR. As an intern, I always felt accepted and respected as a member of the team. Specifically, Mike, Katie, and Kevin were instrumental in creating a wonderful and worth-while learning experience. They were always very approachable, kind, pleasant, and willing to help, which can sometimes be hard to find within upper-level and top management. Overall, the firm is made up of extremely intelligent staff and breeds innovative ideas, collaboration, empowerment, and FUN!"

"By April 18, 2017, I was wishing the tax season was longer and the internship could keep going. I could hardly have asked for a more friendly, professional team to work beside and learn from for six months. I enjoyed being at a medium sized, local CPA firm where I interacted with everyone there, and I appreciated how available management was for any issue. BTR places a heavy emphasis on creating a work environment of education and communication, which is the most important requirement for an internship. While there, I was treated with the same expectations and respect as an actual first year staff member and was responsible for the total preparation of assigned returns from start to finish. If you are looking for the best tax season internship available, BTR easily rivals what any of the larger Portland firms can offer; there is no where I would prefer to have gone."

"After having completed a 1040 tax season internship at Berry Talbot Royer, I would be very surprised if there is a better educational opportunity available for a student with aspirations of entering the Public Accounting arena, particularly with a focus on tax. The wide variety of BTR’s client base also provides the intern with an invaluable learning opportunity, especially within the tax arena. BTR clients range from farmers to doctors to storekeepers, both in state and out of state, and because of this broad client base, interns are exposed to a very high level and variety of tax reporting issues, consequences, and treatments. Having access to this wide array of 1040 projects can provide a better educational experience than working in a role that has a specific client base with similar tax issues and reporting tasks."

"During my time at Berry Talbot Royer, I felt very much included in all working activities and was always treated as a member of the staff. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to their careers, contributing to a positive working culture. I was very satisfied and impressed with the team-oriented working environment and level of professionalism conducted. Despite the ‘busy tax season’, I was consistently engaged by management and staff to ensure I was receiving the most benefit from my internship. With that, there was always staff available to interns that welcomed us to reach out at any time. As an intern, it gave me confidence that I was gaining skills from highly credible individuals."

"Berry Talbot Royer is a very good place to start your accounting career and I recommend every student to take the internship opportunity there. You will gain experience with the sophisticated software, work with very talented and knowledgeable people and see how very successful (and very well managed) company works from the inside."

"I would strongly recommend this firm to all students looking for a challenging and rewarding internship experience. I will always remember the people there as my mentors and team members, and I can only hope that one day I will become as good a professional as they are."

"The procedure of the tax internship in the firm is very organized and thoughtful. You will be trained to get a hold of tax software and practice on various types of tax returns prior to working on a "real" return. They will show you step by step: how to collect the relevant information, how to proceed in an efficient way, how to do research, and how to avoid frequent mistakes you make. You will learn, reinforce, and apply the skills you learned. They will further assist your learning with their years of accounting experience and passion. I strongly recommend Berry Talbot Royer to be the firm you do your internship with."

"I am extremely glad that I had the opportunity to intern at Berry Talbot Royer and would definitely recommend an internship with the firm to anyone that has the opportunity.Everything that Mike and Katie discussed about the internship experience during the interview was true. I felt there was a large importance placed on making sure the interns gained as much knowledge as possible out of the internship, and there were a variety of returns with unique aspects to them. The internship allowed me to vastly improve my communication skills, with a large amount of client interaction. They were happy to allow me to work around my class schedule and recognized that interns were busy. They did not expect an unrealistic amount of work. BTR met or exceeded my expectations in everything that I hoped to get out of the internship and it is truly a great place to work."

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