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Office Closed 4/17/2020


As today marks what would have been the end of tax season, we can't help but feel like it is just starting!!😅


We are incredibly proud of our team working in overdrive dealing with the heavyweight of tax season along with the Coronavirus Pandemic. With so many updates and changes made due to COVID-19 staying up-to-date on everything was a job in itself! Reading through hundreds of pages of new legislation and figuring out what steps are necessary to make sure that none of our clients fall through the cracks. All while continuing to work hard on your returns, bookkeeping, and other services we provide.


Today we would have been celebrating the end of another successful tax season. However, we can no longer have our Annual BTR End of Tax Season Bowling Party due to social distancing. What we still CAN do is honor the vacation day we always have following the tax deadline.


This Friday, April 17th, we will be closed. We owe it to our team members to give them this day to take a breather and recharge. Since the office is technically already closed, this means we will be "offline." We will be back to work Monday, returning all emails, phone calls, and other forms of communication!


While this time of the year has always been very hectic for us, this year has brought unforeseen challenges for everyone. We greatly appreciate your continued patience and support, and thank you for sticking with us during this difficult time.

Mike, Katie & Marc


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